As parents of 5, (all adults now), my husband and I have always tried to lead by example to show our children the importance of doing for others. Our family has volunteered for different organizations from food banks to soup kitchens, humane society, schools, and many others.
My first opportunity to join Mission 4 Mexico on a trip was in 2016. My Dad had gone in 2015 and I saw how it changed his life. I did not know what to expect but was looking forward to expanding my volunteer experience to outside the US.

Little did I know that God had been using my experiences in volunteerism to bring my life back to HIM through the group of youth and adults that were on that trip! The excitement and love that I witnessed for God, not only in Mexico but in traveling to and from Mexico, the hard work everyone put into building homes for people that had never had a home in their lives, the relationships that I have built, the worship time in the evenings where you could look around and physically feel and see the love for God and each other is something that 4 years later I still feel!

I started out attending the meetings after our Spring trip in 2016. I joined the sub-committee for the property M4M purchased in Mexico in 2018. I then went on to become the M4M secretary in 2019 but not a board member. I was just voted in as board member in September of 2020 and look forward to seeing what God has in store for my 2 years on the board as well as continuing the secretarial position!