Our Purpose


Mission4Mexico is a non-profit that is committed to disciple and equip youth to serve the communities in Mexico and at home through short term missions with the purpose of growing the kingdom of God.

Update (As of 8/12/2022)

We are so excited to be planning for our trip in Spring 2023! The trip will be Friday 3/23/23 – Sunday 4/2/23 (Western Oregon will leave Thursday 3/23/23 afternoon to head to central Oregon). The trip will cost $975 with registrations due to your local church group by December 15th 2022. We could not be more excited to be headed back to Mexico next year! Ever since we were forced to cancel our 2020 trip due to the pandemic we have been yearning to get back to the beautiful people of San Luis, it has been a trying few years not being able to serve our brothers and sisters down there, and we are still mourning the loss of our dear brother Mario Cervantes (See the video below). However God is still good! Mario’s amazing family has stepped up in his absence in running their congregation, as well as assisting with all of the vital things Pastor Mario did for M4M! So please spread the word Mission 4 Mexico is back!

We remember our dear friend Pastor Mario Cervantes

As many of you have heard Pastor Mario has passed away. Mario has been a part of M4M since the very beginning. He was a faithful servant of the Lord shepherding the flock of his church and assisting M4M in achieving its mission. A few M4M participants put together this video for his family:

Future Plans

Mission 4 Mexico has recently completed a six-year goal to purchase property in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico for a future church and camp site. Our current site was purchased in the year 2000 and has served the local community with a church, pastor training, college courses, several youth programs, as well as our camp site with kitchen and restroom/shower facilities that have been used by not only us, but also by several other groups like ours. The new site will take a few years to be prepared to accommodate these same goals, in addition to new ones that are now available due to the amount of property we were blessed to obtain.

Mission 4 Mexico would like to continue discipling, training, and serving our youth as well as the local population of San Luis by expanding our programs and offering greater options for larger and more frequent travel groups.

Our current activities are funded through individual donations and traveling participant registration fees. In an effort to keep our youth traveling costs low, we are limited in our growth timing and abilities. We are hoping for greater awareness and support of our goals by non-travelers and possibly corporate donations/sponsorship.

M4M Cross at new site
M4M Cross at new site