One of the most amazing life-changing experiences ever. Not only did I bless a beautiful family, but I also was blessed. I was able to grow extremely close to the family I worked with which just made it even more amazing to bless them with a home. I did get dirty, cut and bruised, but it was all so worth it. It’s amazing to me how families with so little are still so Happy and content. I have so much more than I need, which I realize now after seeing this area in Mexico. I’m so happy and blessed with what I have and that I had the chance to change others lives an give back. I look forward to going again.
M4M 2019 Trip Participant

This was truly a life changing trip where I felt my relationship with God was strengthened. I was inspired to live out my faith and act on my love rather than just think or talk about it. It helped me realize that I have an influence on those around me whether I realize it or not. This really showed me that I need to be living like a Christian. I found that I need to keep God’s word close to me at all times. This trip was truly amazing and encouraging and I can’t wait to go again next year!
 -M4M 2019 Trip Participant

This was my first major leadership opportunity and I had a wonderful time. The leaders with me did a fabulous job of teaching how to do the different jobs. If I was offered the opportunity to do this again I would (as long as I could). Thank you Dan and the M4M team, I had an incredible time.
-Douglas Clayton

With every mission trip you get to be a part of, it keeps getting better. Even on my 3rd trip with M4M the experience is always new. Seeing the hope in the families eyes is what brings a spark of joy to this trip.
-Logan Burks

This was my 7th or 8th M4M trip and I grow to like (love) the experience more each time. The relationships with the missionaries and Mexican locals become more and more special each year.
-M4M 2019 Trip Participant

Mission 4 Mexico is an amazing trip filled with different people and experiences. While you’ll always definitely get annoyed with someone or something or want to be alone when you can’t be, it’s all worth it. It’s worth it to make amazing friends and connections with people on the trip or even with families in Mexico. It’s so amazing to grow with these families that only have each other to families that have Christ in their lives. The car rides are long, but if you’re in a good van it won’t be long enough. I love being on this trip and can’t wait to come back. 
-M4M 2019 Trip Participant

Being on this trip is like taking a spiritual vacation. Hakuna Matata! You can forget about your worries and your strife! I don’t have to live out my daily routine — I can just focus on praising God and serving Him with amazing friends who eat, drink, and breathe love. It brings me so much joy.

This year is my 3rd Mission 4 Mexico trip and each year I think that it is the best experience! To physically see first hand the work not only the youth & adults do but also how our Lord works is amazing! The relationships that grow between the group strengthen with each passing day and it is wonderful to watch youth go from being awkward and not knowing a lot of people to becoming a family of friends!