Mission4Mexico is lead by a dedicated group of volunteers. The board members make up our core group of leaders. You can find out more information about each board member below:

Dan Reynoldson – President
I first traveled with Mission 4 Mexico in March of 2010 as a way to serve with my oldest daughter, who was just entering high school, and to use my skills to help others. I had just quit my secure job in an unsecure job market and tried to be open to what God had planned for my future. I had no thought that it would be Mission 4 Mexico, in fact, I would have bet against it. Mission 4 Mexico is not only centered and focused on youth, it is also based on relationships. The relationships between the leadership, travelers, and the great people we have met in Mexico is so ingrained throughout everything we do, that it is our identity. Because of these relationships, I have grown as a Christian, person, and leader.
I started attending board meetings immediately and became a board member soon after. I was elected president in 2013. Thanks to previous leadership Mission 4 Mexico was on firm ground and I was excited to be a part in leading the group onward. 2020 with be our 20th year and we are still energized and growing. God has blessed this organization with awesome and skilled volunteers, His presence is felt by all.
Troy York – Vice President
Lifelong central Oregonian, married, two kids and five grandkids.  Elder at Powell Butte church.  I was introduced to Mission 4 Mexico in 2011.  I happen to be one of those people that respond to queries with “sounds good let’s go”.  I did zero research before I went on my first trip.  I knew we were building houses, I knew it was for those less fortunate than me, and I knew that our church leaders at Powell Butte were behind it 100%.  What I found was nothing less than a group of folks who love God and people.  I have new friends and family all over Oregon and Mexico. Every year that I go back I visit with the first family I built for in 2011.  If you are new or old to missions, this is a great place to start or to add to your list.   We are truly changing lives in the youth we take, the people we meet during our travels as well as the life changing impact to the families we build for and witness to in Mexico.

Tina Tanner – Secretary
As parents of 5, (all adults now), my husband and I have always tried to lead by example to show our children the importance of doing for others. Our family has volunteered for different organizations from food banks to soup kitchens, humane society, schools, and many others.My first opportunity to join Mission 4 Mexico on a trip was in 2016. My Dad had gone in 2015 and I saw how it changed his life. I did not know what to expect but was looking forward to expanding my volunteer experience to outside the US.Little did I know that God had been using my experiences in volunteerism to bring my life back to HIM through the group of youth and adults that were on that trip! The excitement and love that I witnessed for God, not only in Mexico but in traveling to and from Mexico, the hard work everyone put into building homes for people that had never had a home in their lives, the relationships that I have built, the worship time in the evenings where you could look around and physically feel and see the love for God and each other is something that 4 years later I still feel!I started out attending the meetings after our Spring trip in 2016. I joined the sub-committee for the property M4M purchased in Mexico in 2018. I then went on to become the M4M secretary in 2019 but not a board member. I was just voted in as board member in September of 2020 and look forward to seeing what God has in store for my 2 years on the board as well as continuing the secretarial position!
Al Snyder – Board Member
I have been married for 55 years and have 6 children, 21 grandchildren and 22 great grand kids plus one on the way.I became involved in Mission 4 Mexico in 2016 and fell in love with the group that went down from all the churches and the residents we met in San Louis, Mexico. Being involved in this service has given me the opportunity to share Gods love with the participants and people in Mexico who may not have had the opportunity to know His love. I truly enjoy watching how God works through the relationships in the youth that attend the trip and the changes in each of their lives from the time that we start our trip compared to when we end the trip. The relationships we build with each other as well as the families we build for, meet in VBS or street ministry and the relationships we will continue to build with Carmen and family are friendships that will last our lifetime and beyond.
Rosalee Salsbery – Board Member
I love to go to Mexico and watch the youths first time there and the
surprise when they see how the culture and living conditions between the USA and Mexico are so very different. As the week moves on, I love to see how God works in the lives of the youth and adults as well as the families that we get to know while there. The changes are very noticeable in the youth as they learn more about Gods love and how that does not stop with our friends and families and the comforts of our own lives and homes but can and does expand to other counties. I really enjoy the time
of fellowship I get to spend with the ladies from San Louis as I lead the women’ s mission portion of our trip where we work on a craft project and socialize during the time that the children do VBS.
Ethan Waud – Board Member (Website overseer)
I have the pleasure of being the youth pastor at Powell Butte Christian Church in Central Oregon. I am originally from the Seattle area and have worked as a youth leader for nearly a decade but have been in full time ministry now for over two years. I was introduced to Mission 4 Mexico when I was hired at PBCC. I have gone on multiple mission trips with different organizations and was so blessed when I made my first trip with M4M because more so than any other missions organization I’ve affiliated with in the past Mission 4 Mexico’s mission is to see Christ move and grow in the hearts and lives of youth and seeing their spiritual growth as the true meaning of the trips building homes for the beautiful people of San Luis, Mexico is an incredible bi-product of that mission. If you are considering joining M4M for a trip I am confident you will not regret it. We go to bless, but leave infinitely more blessed!

Jennifer Taylor – Treasurer (Not Pictured)