I first traveled with Mission 4 Mexico in March of 2010 as a way to serve with my oldest daughter, who was just entering high school, and to use my skills to help others. I had just quit my secure job in an unsecure job market and tried to be open to what God had planned for my future. I had no thought that it would be Mission 4 Mexico, in fact, I would have bet against it. Mission 4 Mexico is not only centered and focused on youth, it is also based on relationships. The relationships between the leadership, travelers, and the great people we have met in Mexico is so ingrained throughout everything we do, that it is our identity. Because of these relationships, I have grown as a Christian, person, and leader.

I started attending board meetings immediately and became a board member soon after. I was elected president in 2013. Thanks to previous leadership Mission 4 Mexico was on firm ground and I was excited to be a part in leading the group onward. 2020 with be our 20th year and we are still energized and growing. God has blessed this organization with awesome and skilled volunteers, His presence is felt by all.