Though I wasn’t born here, I’ve grown up in Oregon since I was 6 years old.  I became a believer at the age of 19 while Sandy, my wife, and I were dating.  We have been married since 1993, and have been blessed with three children, Julia, Emma and Joey.  I was first introduced to Mission 4 Mexico in 2013 when Julia and I decided we would go together.  Not knowing much about the mission, the first trip to go “build houses” was a little scary.  In the end, the trip to Mexico is so much more than building houses.  In fact, I would say the building of the houses is secondary to the relationships and growth opportunities for the people on the trip.  The people I now know from San Luis and from all over Oregon are the biggest reason I love Mission 4 Mexico.  2019 will be the second time all five from our family gets to go on the trip.  Empowering people to do things they never thought possible is very exciting for me.  I will always encourage people to go on a trip like this.  God will use you not only to be a blessing to others, but you yourself will be blessed.  Come “build houses” with us!