Lifelong central Oregonian, married, two kids and five grandkids.  Elder at Powell Butte church.  I was introduced to Mission 4 Mexico in 2011.  I happen to be one of those people that respond to queries with “sounds good let’s go”.  I did zero research before I went on my first trip.  I knew we were building houses, I knew it was for those less fortunate than me, and I knew that our church leaders at Powell Butte were behind it 100%.  What I found was nothing less than a group of folks who love God and people.  I have new friends and family all over Oregon and Mexico. Every year that I go back I visit with the first family I built for in 2011.  If you are new or old to missions, this is a great place to start or to add to your list.   We are truly changing lives in the youth we take, the people we meet during our travels as well as the life changing impact to the families we build for and witness to in Mexico.